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Design and creativity have long been used as powerful tools for political and social activism, finding ways to move people's minds and hearts. With climate change at the forefront of everybody’s minds, I want to inspire and remind people to rethink our values and our own consumption.

My goal is to work as a visual narrator, to tackle issues with creativity from different perspectives, consulting with diverse disciplines to get wholesome solutions that shape a new vision of our future.

Caro Weisberg
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Creative Director & Strategist


I am creative because I am an optimist. I believe a better world is possible, and I am committed to make it happen.  

A full spectrum designer working on the intersection of creativity and sustainability, my mission comes with purpose & passion.

Using the transformative power of creativity and storytelling, I have run projects and campaigns on plastic and fossil ad bans, regenerative festivals, fashion, and food waste. Collaborated with brands and NGOs such as Patagonia, Natura, Creatives for Climate & Greenpeace.


I embrace the concept of a borderless world. Therefore, my studio has been working with clients and teams all around the globe, collaborating with environmental and social causes.

For more information: LinkedIn Profile

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