Pepsico was moving their office to a new space. The brief was to create the meeting rooms for their Buenos Aires main brands; Pepsi, Gatorade, 7Up, Paso de los Toros, and H20. The client wanted a flexible and playful space in each room, with a strong brand identity and fun vibes.

Partnered with the branding agency 5 Yardas, we decided to take a look at the retro vibes of some of the brands and give the rooms a little bit of history. We designed a special timeline of the music history and logo design of Pepsi; we brought back the 7Up character and his 90’s vibes with some cool gadgets such as a wall scrabble game; we took the sportiness of Gatorade into the lighting of the room with a basketball field shape lighting, and the strength of Paso de los Toros bull logo to stomp out of the wall.